Protected: Pillow case patterns

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here is the KALOCSA style pattern:

and this the proportional paper sketch of the above:
There would be an approximate 2" wide frame around the pattern
The pattern forms an exact square.
Width of pattern (embroidery): ~20 cm / 7.9"
(the drawing is a bit messy, it will be nicer when ready..)

Folk art as a tourist attraction in Hungary

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Living traditions - connected often with special times of the year like the Easter holidays, harvest or Christmas - are basically rather similar in the whole country, but regional differences add to the overall attractiveness: the mixture of various national minorities living in a relatively small geographical area provides tourists with a complex supply of traditional experiences.
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Hollókő – A World Heritage site

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Hollókö hides among the undulations of the Cserhát hills about 100 km from Budapest in a picturesque setting. The history of the village goes back to the 13th century, when after the Mongol invasion the castle was built on Szár hill.
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A distinctive region of embroidery art: the Matyo area

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The Matyo area is united and distinguished from the other settlements of the region by the colourful costumes, famous folklore art and lives tightly interwoven with traditions of the inhabitants. Mezökövesd earned its nationwide reputation based on its unique costumes and free-hand embroidery style.
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Kalocsa embroidery and folk art

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The folk art of Kalocsa represents a peculiar color in the splendid bunch of flowers of Hungarian folk art. Not only has it a rich past, but it is still living, flourishing, developing richly and brilliantly. A magnificent folk art has developed in Kalocsa and its region concentrated in the town itself.
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